By joining the Lowveld Live app you will be joining the trendsetters in the Lowveld. An advertisement in our app is not the same as an advertisement in your local newspaper or even Facebook. An app advertisement is better!

  • Lowveld Live ads are always available and visible, unlike a newspaper ad that gets thrown away after two days or a Facebook ad that gets missed by many users.
  • Lowveld Live ads are dynamic and can be changed whenever you feel like making an update to it. (Please note: Our offices needs 2 days prior notice to make the changes to your content).
  • Lowveld Live ads use the native functions of your phone. Just click and you can call; go-to (GPS function); visit the website or send an email.
  • Lowveld Live ads are linked to the Lowveld Live Facebook page.
  • You are allowed to make use of our Events feature to list your business’ events ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ on our app. If it is an existing Facebook event, we will add it to our Lowveld Live Facebook Events
  • You are also given ‘FREE’ Push Notifications according to you preferred Listing Package per month. These messages can be geo-targeted. You can advertise any specials you have, new products or anything interesting that is happening at your business. You can even include a picture/brochure. These messages are also visible on Facebook.
  • Lowveld Live is growing through various initiatives which includes, advertising at participating businesses, advertising at the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism, advertising at various hotels in the area and through our social media campaign. We are also planning to target our app at the tourism industry.
  • Lowveld Live will be accompanied by its sister apps. Mpumalanga Live will be launched in the next few days to cover the whole Mpumalanga province. Pretoria Live will be next with other regions to follow. These apps will all be interlinked and will work together. They will each have their own separate Facebook account, to increase exposure.
  • All business owners will be able to share the app with others via the posters provided, Facebook and the WhatsApp link that they will receive to send out.
  • All our apps will be available on both Android and iPhones (Web App), making it available on desktops as well.
  • App listing cost starts from as little as R250 per month.

NEW features:

  • “Payments & Donations” – where you can make donations to your favorite charities and do in app payments for your Listing Fee, Event applications and so much more…
  • “Buy or Sell a Car” – List your car or view listed cars in your app that are for sale.

UPCOMING features to look forward to:

  • “Lowveld Drive” – The Uber of the Lowveld.
  • “Lowveld Market” – Sell your top 10 products through our Merchandise feature in the App and Website.
  • “Buy your ticket HERE” – Sell your Event’s/Function’s tickets through our App and Website.